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W o ul d a g ree — in o v er 40% of ma g a z ine pa g es: for other do cu . W hat if w e re l a x one or more of these g oa l s? I f, for e x . a n u m b er of open resear c h pro bl ems, en g ineerin g .. 4. spe c ify the do cu ment l ayo u t g ram -. free spe software, best spe download - Freeware at - AOPEN AX4SPE-UL Bios AOPEN AX4SPE-UL Bios AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL Bios Hies will include an open house and a: Hd* Palmed, ^ u l «M M l f t M: ' '::'' •'* ^> -'nVSyfJ ESCORT LX Automailc. ax. loaded.

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Publicity will d o no harm to tlie mining interests, but it will Ie a beInefit.

Tlle oldl custom of withholdling inltfo ration from thle p1ullic is Ibecolming olsolete. We sincerely hiope tlat our efforts in publishing an annual AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL of tile liineral resouirc'es of the Plhilippine Islands will e appl l reciate l aill sull orted l by the imining m11 en Of thle Philippines.

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Some of' these we calln 1 very little to ch1ange, soii e ol stacles we can partially remove, whlile others which are levisedl by man are entirely withlill 1"' power to nmodify. Natural features of thle counltry a1re som etilles insurillountable, tihe labor lquestion is often at serious one, but wheln we co Ie to ulimiIan laws there is no reason why an equitable and rop 'er code couldl not be devised. A Ibill is now before the AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL of tlie ITnited States which will lo llmuchL to alleviate thle lresent conditions and this Bureau will do all in its power to assist AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL its passage.

In the interest of the welfare of tile mining inldustry of tlie 'llilippines, tlie mIining AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL wishes to impress upon the min ls of tile plrospecto'rs andl mine owners the desirablility of conservative advertising.

It would Ie better for a new mining AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL to wait, however impatiently, until its resources are finally appreciated than to atteml t to force matters through statements that, however honestly made, iiay AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL misleading or false. No business can be fairer or cleaner than legitimate mining, honestly cond ucted. Particularlv is this true of gold mining wlere tile iarlket of thle product remains independent of any possible trust combination or competition.

A very conminon cause of failure of a mine is the I remature purcllase and installation of mlining mal'chlinery. Not oilly mnay tle machinery 1 11rchased be ill a daltel to AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL the?

In nearly all cases this can be attributed to short-sightedness AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL the p art of the managers an l owners who, lesirous of nlaking a good showing to facilitate thle selling of stock in the mine, have investedl their limited cal ital in machinery rather AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL il p rospecting and levelolient. Another failure is tllen recorded and tlle brunt of it to a largwe extent falls u pon the other mines anl i rosl ects in the listrict.

The chief asset of any mine is tlle ore reserve.

AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL Driver (2019)

Mine insl ection should be mlentione l at this timle as a question for future serious consi leration. Itl to the Iresent tllere htas been no need of this, AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL tile time is alinost rile for some legislation. A reasoni for delay in putting the measures into ilnmediate execution is that thley wou ld involve thle taking o f the p rofessional llen of the livision of mines fromni mnore urgent work. In conclusion it Imight be stated l tflat the hlistory of thie district of Benguet ldemonstrates that a sure, p1 r ital le and steadly mining industry can I e bluilt ul in thie Islands.

Inl many coulitries, wherei acclirate statistics hlave been AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL, tie iolnettarlV value of tile inIlIlletallite nlli ineals exceeds tlalt of tlie metallic produicts.

Asymptotic Silence of Generic Cosmological Singularities

T'he coal is l retty uIIIh11 alike througllout tile Philippines, it is sul -Ihitulllinolus, having tile appearat e and specific gravity of lignite, Ilit AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL hlas tile carl oi content and streak of a l itunlinouls oal. When mlilnl from beds near tile surface and froml tllose wliclih have been little listurbled AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL their lep, sition, the coal is apt to be very inferior, having only about 50 lper cent of tile efficiency of Australian coal, Ibut in regions like tlhe 'omipostela and I anao fields, or tlie western end of B: Thllis sul eriorit is dlue not so imuichl to compression in toldling, or to volcanic lieat, as it is to tlhe fractllting of tile coal, so that a pr0ocess of lry distillation takes place amnl a greater luantity of fixed carbon is segregated.

IThe p romising coal fiel ls at tiie l resent tile are as follows: Batan Island, about 12 miles northeast of AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL, in Albay Province; tlhe northern portion of l inagat Island, just nortl of Surigao, Minlanao; iand near Escalante in tlhe nortlleast corner of tile Island of Negros. Cox, of tile division of chemistry, has experimented with them witi tile view of establishing the feasibility of utilizing the gases in gas-producer engines.

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Ilowever, we feel sure that in time the plrollem will be solved so tlat it will be a practicable undertaking. T should state here that Mr.


Cox are designing and arranging for the erection of all aratuts on a large enough scale to Iiafke a co lplete and ractical commlercial test of this process. It is not a luestion with us of the AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL of coal so nmuch as it is one of ability to mlline it without a loss.

In one sense tlte geologies of tile Phili l l lines andl Japan are very simlilar; AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL is, in structulre lbotll regions are profoundly folded AOPEN AX 4SPE-UL faulted, wliicll condition of coiurse inlcreases tle lifficulties of nining. Suffice it to say liere tlhat lpetroleum occurs on thie east coast of Tayabas Province where prospecting is now going on.

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